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I know why you're here.

You want a love story with something... more.  You want to be drawn into the danger.  Mesmerized by the mystery.

You want a hint of Hitchcock, and a touch of neo-noir.  You want women who are elegant and electrifying, where the tension builds until it culminates into a heart-pounding, life-changing, happily-ever-after.

You want to wrestle between whether to sleep or read just one more page.  You want a story so good that your straight friends only wish they read sapphic romance.

So - pick out your book, and begin.  Life isn't easy, and you can spend so little for so many hours of pleasure.  Each adventure is like a little vacation to a new place - so, spoil yourself, and go.

Renn Loraine

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About the Moon Over America series:

"A true page-turner..."

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Moon Over the Gateway Arch

#5 in the Moon Over America series

Sarah knew the elegant blonde in the St. Louis bar was dangerous.  She just didn't know how.

When the woman pulls her aside on the crowded dance floor to tell her she's not safe, Sarah doesn't believe her. But as the events of the evening progress - she's not so sure.

Soon, Sarah realizes that in order to escape, she may have to trust this beautiful stranger. But only Sarah's wits can save her now - and she doesn't know how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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