"Which Book Should I Read First?"

Maybe you're in the mood to visit someplace new. Perhaps you're pining for sunny, glamorous Hollywood, California.  Or, maybe you're craving a snow-covered cabin in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.  It's your choice.  Pick your destination, and go.

But - for the Most Fun, Start at the Beginning...

The Moon Over America Series, in Order:

Book #1:

Moon Over St. Augustine

One night in a foggy St. Augustine cemetery, Meghan Thomas follows a beautiful woman who looks as if she has stepped out of Florida's Spanish past - only to discover she has vanished.  The incident leaves Meg unnerved, but it's merely the beginning of what happens next:  faint footsteps in her apartment at night, and the sound of small items scraping across surfaces...

And then one day, Meg seems to be the only one who sees the sensual woman in the black mantilla and long red skirt moving through the city's old coquina streets.  Meg follows, not knowing the way leads to a mystery - and the woman who will change her life forever.

Book #2

Moon Over Old Hollywood

Nicole is shaken. Her ex-girlfriend has been found dead under mysterious circumstances.  Now, someone is trying to kill her - and she doesn't know why.  

The clues lead Nicole to the set of a television series about the glamorous, women-loving starlets of Hollywood's Golden Age.  Working under the hot lights, Nicole learns of their hidden lives - and finds herself falling for a captivating, auburn-haired actress.

As Nicole gets closer to unearthing the murderer's motive, however - she will discover that some in Hollywood are still willing to kill to keep its secrets.

Book #3

Moon Over the Poconos

Isle witnessed something someone didn’t want her to see.  Now – scared and alone she’s on the run for her life.

After driving through a snowstorm, she attempts to hide from the killer in an isolated cabin high in the Pocono Mountains.  But when a beautiful police officer appears at her doorunder very suspicious circumstancesshe begins to doubt her safety.

Isle only needs to wait for the roads to clear and the airport to reopen in order to make her escape.  But with the arrival of a winter bomb cyclone, she’s no longer sure what’s more terrifying – the man who wants to kill her, or nature itself.

Book #4

Moon Over Cape Cod Bay

Marion has been discovered next to the lifeless body of her father - a man she hated. What's worse, no one believes her when she tells them she spotted his killer standing just outside.

As the investigators target her, Marion focuses on protecting her young niece from the ongoing threats. She hires a woman to watch over her - the attractive and engaging Sena - but things get complicated when Sena awakens something in Marion that she has long suppressed.

Marion knows all the evidence points to her - she was alone with the body, in a room that was locked. But she's running out of time. Because they're going to find her guilty of murder - unless she can find the killer who walks through walls.

Book #5

Moon Over the Gateway Arch

Sarah knew the elegant blonde in the St. Louis bar was dangerous.  She just didn’t know how.

When the woman pulls her aside on the crowded dance floor to tell her she’s not safe, Sarah doesn’t believe her.  But as the events of the evening progress – she’s not so sure.

Soon, Sarah realizes in order to escape, she may have to trust this beautiful stranger. But only Sarah’s wits can save her now – and she doesn’t know how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Coming in 2024!

Book #6

Moon Over... ???

The next installment in the Moon Over America series will be revealed soon!

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